The O-Shot®/O Shot®/Oshot® — Activation of the Female Orgasm System:

The Female Orgasm System is very complex. Having orgasms is widely accepted as being an extreme source of pleasure. Most agree it releases tension and improves intimacy. In Dr. Charles Runels Book, “Activate the Female Orgasm System,” he highlights the fact that “people who have healthy sex drives …channeled in the right direction…these people make more money, they have more friends, and they enjoy stronger families. Meanwhile, those who suffer with sex problems may still flourish, but life can be more difficult.” In addition, well directed and healthy sexual energy can make one bold, creative and can fuel inner genius.

The O-Shot®/O Shot®/Oshot® facilitates the activation of the Female Orgasm System by restoring it to a more youthful state.  It allows for greater vaginal lubrication, reduction or elimination of painful intercourse, heightened clitoral sensitivity allowing for orgasm and in some…they become multi-orgasmic and even ejaculators. This allows for more intense, enjoyable, intimate, powerful and exciting sex… (for more information on female ejaculation (squirting) read “Activate The Female Orgasm System,” by Charles Runels, MD).

How the O-Shot® Works

A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient and placed in a machine called a centrifuge. The spinning motion separates blood components.

The platelet rich portion (PRP)containing stem cells and growth factors for new tissue growth is removed and prepared.

The areas on the patient to be injected are numbed with a very effective topical anesthetic cream.

The PRP is then injected into the space between the urethra and the vagina for incontinence, in the clitoris for sexual enhancement and/or in the walls of the vagina for rejuvenation and tightening.

Once injected the new tissue will grow and the positive effects will be noticed.


How long does the O-Shot® take?

The procedure takes about 30 min.

How long does the O-Shot® take to become effective?

Some individuals notice improvement in heightened sexual response in 1 -2 days. This is probably a direct effect of engorgement. The more permanent effects take 2-3 months.

For bladder control expect the full effect to take place in 2-3 months, when the new tissue reaches its maximum growth potential.

How long does the O-Shot® last?

Most people experience a positive effect for approximately 18 months while others last 3 years or more.

Is the O-Shot® painful?

A topical numbing medication is used which is very effective. Occasionally, a pin pick or burning sensation may be experienced, however this is short lived.

Are there any side effects of the O-Shot®?

The beauty of the O-Shot® procedure is that we are utilizing your own blood, taking it out and injecting the PRP concentrate into the areas to be rejuvenated. Thus far, there are over 2500 papers published on various uses of PRP and their have been no published serious side effects. Mild bruising may occur and occasional tenderness at the site of injection has been reported. Also fullness will be experienced at the injection site which will recede in 1-3 days.

See O-Shot for more information.

Are aesthetic treatments for me?

By keeping a younger appearance, and a healthy body, your self-esteem will soar! You’ll feel more confident, remain sexy, act bolder, engage in better relationships and have greater sex and more fun.  So yes! … Aesthetic treatments are definitely for you and SmartPlex ATL is your place to make it happen.


Hair Regrowth

If you are looking for solutions to your hair growth problems, you have found the right place. SmartPlex ATL specializes in hair growth and restoration. There are many reasons for hair loss, and many respond very well to modern treatments.


Skin Rejuvenation

Custom skin treatments to remove wrinkles, tighten, lift, reshape to restore beauty, youthfulness and glow. Processes include: Ultherapy, exfoliants, radiofrequency, lasers, lipolysis and much more.


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The revolutionary non-surgical solution to embarrassing involuntary urinary leakage, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and inability to orgasm is here!!! …A simple effective office procedure which can keep you from wetting your pants and also ignite your love for having sex.

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