As a physician I have watched medical experts debate and come full circle again and again on the issue of male and female testosterone. What is ridiculous and irresponsible, is ignoring the basic facts about testosterone… That for many of us, the longer we live, the lower our T levels become…period. Personally, I am finding younger and younger men and women showing evidence of testosterone loss and hormonal imbalance. Many are categorizing this problem as an epidemic! And I agree, female and male loss of vigor and vitality on a mass scale is definitely an epidemic.

So what complaints are women and men bringing to me?

Men are complaining of fatigue, lack of stamina, concentration problems, exercising but conditioning is slow to improve or levels off, shy penis (penis lacks responsiveness to stimuli), penis won’t stay erect, penis lacks firmness, loss of muscle tone or inability to gain muscle with training, excess chest and abdominal fat, unrefreshed sleep, loss of desire for sex, lack of confidence and more.  All of these problems can be associated with plummeting  levels of testosterone and other hormonal imbalances.

Women are complaining of vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, fatigue, lack of stamina, concentration problems, exercising but conditioning is slow to improve or levels off, loss of muscle tone or inability to gain muscle with training, excess abdominal fat and thigh fat, unrefreshed sleep, lack of confidence and lack of sexual desire.

What is causing the lowering of T Levels and hormonal imbalance?

Make no bones about it, our T levels are getting hammered by stress and lack of sleep. Many hormones within our body are directly affected by these factors. Working more hours and increasing daily stressors inhibit the function of many of our hormone producing systems including our production of testosterone. There are chemicals known as phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens which have a greater punishing effect on our T levels however. These chemicals are found in various types of plastic containers and are released into our drinking fluids and foods, by storing and cooking foods in these containers. The amount of these substances released has been scientifically shown to be magnified and increased by freezing and heating liquids and foods in containers made from these materials. Women tend to experience imbalances during and following child birth which can persist a lifetime if left uncorrected.

Men and women’s over all look and performance has been compromised by lower testosterone  and hormone levels. While, it is easy to identify this lowering effect in men over 40, trending is identifying earlier ages of loss. I have found women even in their 20’s who are suffering with the problems of hormonal imbalance following childbirth.

It should not be under emphasized how much stress, lack of sleep, depression, poor diet and lack of exercise affect the ability of the body to repair itself. Having said that, aggressive adjustment in hormone imbalance and life style modification can greatly improve fat resolution, body fitness, mental ease and sexual organ function restoration for men and women. To take sexual function and desire to another level for men we offer the world renowned Priapus Shot and for women we have the O-Shot.

So now let’s get real, have an adult conversation and focus on how your life can change.

The Priapus Shot improves penis function and the O-Shot has the ability to restore vaginal elasticity, wetness, sensitivity, orgasm and the desire for intercourse. Women, stop avoiding your man because of pain or lack of pleasure or even giving minimal participatory obligatory sex just to make him happy. Restore your need to champion your man and get much more for yourself, while enjoying the forgotten pleasure and experiencing the excitement of climbing to an orgasm. The O-Shot will do this for you. Men, return your wood to home run making capacity with better function and get some extra penile girth in your swing. The Priapus Shot will do this for you.

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Are PRP treatments, Botox or aesthetics for me?

By keeping a younger appearance, and a healthy body, your self-esteem will soar! You’ll feel more confident, remain sexy, act bolder, engage in better relationships and have greater sex and more fun.  So yes! … Aesthetic treatments are definitely for you and SmartPlex ATL is your place to make it happen.


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Custom skin treatments to remove wrinkles, tighten, lift, reshape to restore beauty, youthfulness and glow. Processes include: Ultherapy, exfoliants, radiofrequency, lasers, lipolysis and much more.


Sexual Restoration

The revolutionary non-surgical solution to embarrassing involuntary urinary leakage, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and inability to orgasm is here!!! …A simple effective office procedure which can keep you from wetting your pants and also ignite your love for having sex.

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