Penis-Vaginal Size Mismatch has been a topic of conversation and concern for centuries. There are many thoughts about what the ideal penis size is for a particular sized vagina. Just as not all penises are sized equally, not all vaginas have the same width and length. Even more importantly thoughts on which size is adequately satisfying varies from one person to another. When size of either during intercourse is too painful or when lack of penis size is not fulfilling, then Penis-Vaginal Size Mismatch (PVM) exists.

On rare occasions, excessive male size exceeds the pleasure capability of a woman. On the other hand, male size not adequately filling the vaginal cavity may be more concerning. This Mis-match may be from penis length or girth deficit or it may be a result of vaginal tissue having been overly stretched or having loss of tone and laxity. This laxity may be a result of mechanically over stretching, having had single and multiple vaginal child births, smoking or poor nutrition, previous obesity and large amounts of weight loss.

PVM correction is possible today. Men are able to obtain greater girth and firmer erections by way of the Priapus Shot. Some men may even experience a 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch increase in length as well. Many women report having a preference for girth as a solution to their Mis-match perceptions. The Priapus Shot utilizes PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) and was developed by world renowned physician Dr. Charles Runnels. The Priapus Shot is a game changer for firmer erections and increased size.

When it comes to rejuvenating vaginal tone and tightness, women there are several options.

  1. Kegel exercises which focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, have been shown to improve vaginal tone and vaginal muscle control. These must be done regularly, however they are very helpful and satisfying.
  2. Vaginal rejuvenation is another way of improving tone and decreasing the size of the vaginal opening. This can be done surgically or with the use of a modern wall tightening laser.
  3. The third method is by utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma, placed into the walls of the vagina which causes tightening of the vaginal walls. This procedure is done in office and there is little to no downtime.

On occasion, this procedure is combined with the O-shot and with laser tightening. The O-Shot improves sexual organ function, lubrication and for many it restores and improves the ability to orgasm.

PVM and Sexual Dysfunction is very common, but is rarely talked about. Improved sex leads to better relationships and more stable families. There is a solution and the solution will change your life.

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