PRP Treatment for Sexual Restoration

  • Do you want sex more often than your partner or does your partner want sex more often than you do?

  • ico-3 Do you think sex is an obligatory act rather than an act of passion?

  • Have you ever called your partner or have you ever been called frigid or cold?

Most people that are having sexual intimacy problems do one of two things:

  • blame the other person or
  • pretend that the problem does not exist.

Either of the two alternatives will ultimately hurt your relationship. It is much more helpful to recognize and admit that the problem is happening and seek help.

Intimacy fulfillment problems may result from several reasons.

Why use PRP Treatment for Sexual Restoration?

  • Lack of orgasm
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inability to Obtain or Maintain Erections
  • Lack of Desire

Lack of orgasm, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse can lead to the avoidance of sex. Premature ejaculation, inability to obtain or maintain erections and lack of desire can reduce the passion in your lives. Sometimes these issues may be the result of a serious underlying medical problem.  Ideally, honesty is the best policy and each of you should want to help restore the relationship to its full intimacy.

Frequent satisfying sex has been shown to strengthen and even save floundering relationships.

Most of us want to feel the closeness and exciting energy of our partner. Sexual relationships are always complicated and experiencing the dysfunction of intimacy is an even greater challenge. Don’t run from the problem. Find out what’s getting in the way of more fulfillment and fix the issue.      shutterstock_204747526-sitting-on-mattress-w-spx-logo-20160406-300x200

SmartPlex ATL can help you restore sexual intimacy to your relationship and we believe that stronger relationships build stronger families!


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