Understanding Skin Care

In order to understand skin care, it is important to note the skin’s composition. Here we’ll briefly glance over all of the key components of the skin, as well as the different layers and their functions. Let’s begin!

The Composition of Skin

Skin’s basic make up is:
70%     water
25.5%  proteins
4.5%    Lipids, Carbohydrates and minerals

The composition of Skin Layers:

Epidermis is the outer layer of skin – An interesting fact about the Epidermis is that it is approximately five layers thick.

Also, breaking through the epidermis alone is not enough to cause any bleeding. You must also break through the Dermis.

Dermis is the middle layer of skin – As stated earlier, the Dermis must be broken through to cause any type of bleeding. This is because the Dermis is also where your blood vessels are located.
Sub-cutaneous layer….inner layer of skin

Other Interesting Facts on the Epidermis and Dermis:

A new Epidermis forms every 30 days
It is about 15 cells deep and normally exfoliates.

The exfoliation process can be accelerated with microdermabrasion (A procedure that removes dry and dead skin cells) and chemical peels (A treatment removing damaged outer skin layers).

The Dermis is the support structure of the skin. It gives the skin its elasticity and firmness. When the dermis becomes damaged from toxins, sun rays, smoking, frowning, lack of nutrients, etc.We see surface skin imperfections, such as larger pores or wrinkles.

Modern treatments at SMARTPLEX ATL allow us to strengthen and improve the health of the dermis, making your skin look smoother, younger and extremely beautiful. While also making you feel like a whole new, better you!