Vampire Breastlift® is a wonderful, quick in-office procedure, which gives a perky lift to your breasts without surgery. It improves volume loss in the cleavage area, reduces stretch marks and… nipple sensitively can be improved. The procedure is much less expensive and less invasive than costlier breast augmentation. There is little to no down time. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes with minimal to no discomfort. It works great for adding natural appearing cleavage form to previously performed augmentation. In addition, rippling and contracture occurrences from aging implants can be improved.


There is an immediate observable effect! It requires 2-3 months for the PRP to create new tissue allowing your breasts to reach their full perky potential.  Vampire Breastlift® lasts 18 months or longer. While it won’t necessarily give you an added cup size, you’ll look like you’re wearing a push-up bra even though you’re not.


Vampire Breastlift® involves taking a small amount of your own blood and the use of filler to obtain the desired effect.


At SmartPlex ATL, the entire procedure is performed within the same room, in front of you. Your blood never leaves the room, preventing any possibility of your blood being mistaken for someone else’s. The blood is spun within a specially designed centrifuge, separating The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is removed. This is your “magical liquid gold,” containing platelets, growth factors, healing factors and stem cells. These platelets, stimulate the growth of new tissue and the tissue supporting matrix called collagen. Your PRP is carefully placed on top of the filler into the area of your breast which is to be shaped. The filler will eventually be absorbed while the PRP will promote tissue growth yielding much more lasting effects. The result is…more perkiness, better tone and a more youthful appearance.


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Pricing varies from $1200 to $1800.